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Welcome. If you're here, you're probably wondering how to get some job--maybe the perfect professional archives position or maybe just something you can use as a springboard--and you're seeking advice on how to do that. From searching for advertisements to writing a resume or cover letter to making it through the interview. And hopefully even beyond.

No guarantees, you probably already know a lot of this, but maybe some help from a lot of people who want to make sure that good candidates get good jobs. If you've got better advice? or need further explanation? Please share in the comments.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

BTP: the candidates speak out!

Okay, so last week some time I promised my rant on the current ratio of jobs to job seekers. Well, I just can't do it. I just can't subject you to it. I don't think I'm wrong about a lot of it, but I do know it's the written equivalent of spitting into the wind. So here's my compromise decision. You get to do it. Well, at least partially, anyway. I'm not really going to allow rants since mostly people stop listening to them. Let's get them with numbers instead. In lieu of unheard rants, what I have done is created a survey for those of you who are job seeking for that first archival professional job or are have gotten it (within the last 10 years) or who have given up on it. Know anybody who fits that category? Strongly encourage them to fill out this survey so we can get a semi-current look on the state of archival job searching today and in recent past.

Click here to take survey **Survey is closed.  Details upcoming in a later post.

I'll tell you up front, I am working from one giant bias in this and that is the archival education thing. (okay, I'll do a little rant). Graduate archival education is available and I'm most interested in hearing from the people who have sought it out and obtained it, no matter what the programmatic context for it is. Primarily because you're mostly likely the folks who are archives career-oriented and who have presumably paid a lot of money to prepare yourself specifically for an archives career. At the moment, you're the ones I want to hear from.

I'm leaving the survey open til the end of April because I'm fairly sure that's about how long it will take me to get through the rest of the basic postings and things I want to cover on the job search process. And hey, if there's a slight gap? Trust me, I could use the vacation. And then we'll switch gears to what you think about this all. So that's your deadline to fill it out. 4/30/10.

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